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MCKBILLS Welding is a full service welding company offering custom fabrication, welding&fittings and metal repair to clients. With over 10 years of experience, Our firm has built an expert team of dedicated customer sales, local and international vendors, and service providers over the years providing valuable marketing and client services Our professional welding fabricators pride themselves on excellent customer service and top quality steel work providing superior service in our welding shop and field service. MCKBILLS are highly skilled MIG, TIG and MMA certified welders welders who are committed to the highest standard of quality workmanship and have the attention to detail needed to ensure your satisfaction We have decades of experience and technical skill to handle any custom fabrication job for all commercial and industrial applications, including complete design, diagonse installation, and repair service.

MCKBILLS was founded on the basis of our rich previous experience and is engaged in providing complex welding, locksmithing and piping work. Our motto is: quality- safety- satisfaction. Quality
We provide our customers with qualified welding specialists who hold STN-EN ISO 9606-1i certificates. Safety – safety at work is paramount for us. We follow the slogan Safety first- nobody get hurts. Satisfaction – we pride ourselves not only on customer satisfaction, but also on the worker himself. Satisfied worker = satisfied customer = satisfied company.

We provide in-house-control of complete machine shop operations. This control optimizes our manufacturing processes, reduces cost and provides quick delivery. If you require full production runs, prototypes or smaller production runs we will provide these services. Also, the range of part sizes we can manufacture makes our company unique.

Our manufacturing operation consists of three different facilities specializing in various metal cutting and fabricating procedures.



Achieving the highest level of Customer Satisfaction by developing and providing solutions for their requirements, producing high quality products and services, delivering on time, and striving to improve continuously.


To be recognized as a world-class solutions provider specializing in certified welding and fabrication, outfitting severe service trucks, designing custom transportation solutions, and partnering with other world-class manufacturers.

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